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Strategy V Culture - They Aren't Opposites

Strategy v Culture – They Aren't Opposites 
Is culture more important than strategy, or is strategy more important than culture?This classic question has grow in the mindset of leaders in recent years as the rise of culture in the workplace is recognised for its importance not only in improving performance but in driving whole enterprise competitiveness. For anyone familiar wth the McKinsey S7 model will know that the shared values within any organisation ultimately drive the delivery of both the hard 'S' factors, (strategy, systems and structure) and the soft 'S' factors (skills, staff and style). 
McKinsey 7S model for ANY Business

The focus today on culture over strategy is really a misunderstanding of the importance of strategic thinking in business. The relationship between strategy and culture is in fact  one of mutual dependence. Without a clear strategic vision in place, thoroughly developed by the leadership team, then no amount of investment in culture will…