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Leadership is about YOU

Leadership is about YOU
Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

When ever I look at any organisation I am in effect seeing the style and type of leader who runs it, their character shows through.

From the first online impression the brand portrays, to the real impression I feel when I walk through is front door and meet the people, the impact of the leadership is everywhere. Good leadership makes a good impression throughout, it should be seen and felt at every level.

I recently arrived at a new client to see that their disabled parking was at the other end of the car park from the front door, while the executives had named parking bays right next to the front door.

My first question to the directors was why? Followed up with the obvious second question, what first impression do you want to make to people about your values as a business? After a pregnant pause (and implausible excuse that HSE said we nee…

Using Talent Management as a Competitive Strategy

Why a Talent StrategyFinding, winning, retaining and developing talent is at the heart of what makes a world-class organisation. Those businesses who strategically focus on having outstanding people outcompete those who are merely recruiting above average, but too few organisations recognise that focusing on talent is a distinctive business strategy. 

"Ultimately, the businesses that are going to win in the war for talent, are those that accept the challenges and opportunities presented, and adapt to a new way of recruiting..." Real Business

Talent management is not about paying higher, it is about a complete company wide strategic approach to people, focusing on them as the key strategic asset of a company. Its a different way of thinking about the total value of human capital within an organisation.

Businesses have always recognised the importance of outstanding people, but only relatively recently have businesses focused on the strategic competitive advantage that can be lev…