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What! YOU a Leader!

What is LeadershipLeaders matter because they drive organisations forward. 
Leadership is never just a title. Leaders are people who show the way, they challenge people and make decisions, they are the people others look to as role models and for authority. Everyone can identify a good leaders when they see them in action, but what makes a good leader is always open to question as to which attributes really matter. Situational leadership, picking the right attributes of leadership for the situation you face, for the list below, is the key to great leadership, the ability to understand the leadership needs of the people you lead at any time.

I have met many leaders who try to do all these things, 'trying to be all things to all men', but in doing so fail to lead. Leading people must always start by leading yourself, that means by believing in yourself, in your abilities and that your belief motivates and empower your team to perform. GREAT LEADERSHIP IS NOT WHAT A LEADER DOES BUT…