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Do LESS Be MORE Leadership

The art of Leadership: do less and BE MORE.
The challenge for leaders today is that expectations about leaders are so high. They are in charge, and that means that they must know everything that is going on, being able to wave magical wands to fix anything at a drop of a hat. This expectation acts like catching hooks on leaders, pulling them into doing rather than leading their business. 

Leaders to stay leading, must therefore member the golden rule that any business is a group of people delivering something. If you want them to succeed then the leader must create the successful conditions for that success to happen. Leaders therefore must design and build the environment for success, and then make it sustainable, so the environment becomes a stable one to continue that success. 

Leaders need to therefore focus on their people leadership skills, not task or output.  

Leadership Vision For leaders to lead they must first identify their core purpose in leading, or as Simon Sinek calls thei…