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Richard Gourlay, Non Executive Director, management consultant, interim director, Leadership, Director coach and mentor.    

Background: Cowden  


We founded Cowden in Derbyshire in 2003 and to support business owners grow and develop their business. Richard Gourlay working with Alison Gourlay Chartered Accountant, provides companies with the support and expertise allowing companies to grow and develop with their plan to succeed and the support to enable them to be successful.    

In 2020 we returned to Galloway, in the South West of Scotland and continue to work with companies who want to grow and develop. We support our existing and new clients both through face to face support and through online support. Our expertise develops micro-businesses through to large public limited companies (PLC's), providing external expertise and advice to owners / directors and senior managers in many sectors of business. 
cowden consulting, your route to business success www.cowdenconsulting.com

Our work includes creating new business models for business owners through to developing people to be more successful in running them. We work with business owners to successfully grow their business, enabling them to determine what success looks like for them and develop the appropriate routes to market, and the implementation plan to deliver the results they want to achieve.

Cowden Consulting also works in partnership with 3rd parties to provide its services, such as Peritus a consultancy and management training company. To see how we helped developed Peritus then click on this link How Cowden developed Peritus. 

Equip Outdoor Designs : Rab
Richard Gourlay worked at Equip Outdoor brand and Rab Outdoors

Richard worked with the directors of Equip Outdoor Design to strategically develop its home and international business.  The brand based in Derbyshire wanted to diversify and develop itself into a global brand. Based in out of date war huts the brand was limited both in its location but also in operational and strategic goals. 

The aspiration of the owners was to reach high growth target markets combined with developing its complete forward strategy for sustainable growth. 

To enable those goals to be achieved we had to find, design and implementation a complete relocation the company to a cutting edge HQ capable of supporting that growth strategy. The brand also needed to move into outdoor clothing market, moving from being an accessory only brand into a major player within teh performance clothing and equipment brand. This was achieved by buying legendary outdoor brand Rab and redeveloping its product range, routes to market to maximise the brand throughout its UK and export markets.        

Go Outdoors
Richard Gourlay started the Go Outdoor brand from CCC to a standalone single place to buy outdoor products

Richard was asked to join this stand-alone Sheffield store as its operations and marketing director and set an aggressive programme in place of change, developing a complete internal programme of operations to support modern cutting edge retailing. 

Strategically developing the unique business model of the Go-Outdoors Discount card, which provided the brand's sustainable competitive advantage using its buying power and size to provide a one-stop-shop for all outdoor products. 

The discount card created a sustainable competitive advantage by linking all promotions to a simple but effective customer relationship management system which captured and converted loyalty to a focused strategic marketing of customers. Learn more about how we develop strategy by clicking: Cowden Consulting our approach  

Richard also developed the rapid expansion of the Go-Outdoors brand developing the strategic business model which turned this stand-alone shop into the Uk's largest and fastest growing retailer. The model is the template for the business today demonstrating the robustness of this strategy, which is now the largest and most successful outdoor retail brand in the UK with stores throughout the UK.

In 1995 Richard went to join the Risol Group (owners of Regatta) to set-up a new brand stand-alone brand Craghoppers,. By identifying the strategic opportunities within this highly competitive market combined with the parent groups sourcing capability, we were able to create and develop a compelling and highly successful brand within the market. 

Creating a high quality, distinctive and innovative "new" brand required starting from scratch in thinking through the value proposition the brand should provide. Being able to respond to changing economic and environmental changes as the travel boom as a result of the explosion in low-cost travel opened up. 

This strategic positioning of the Craghoppers brand enabled it to become the fastest growing brand within the sector. Click here to read more about the development of Craghoppers Brand.       

Richard Gourlay worked at Berghaus Ltd, world-class outdoor brand

Richard Gourlay started is career working at Berghaus in its sales and marketing department working for this world-class privately owned premium brand in its market. 

The vision of Berghaus team was to simply to provide the best technical products in the world. In every category and every market Berghaus focused on being number 1, and developed products and services which enabled the brand to achieve that goal. 

That director led aspiration drove the global outdoor market forward, raising the bar of product standards, with in-house aspirational design we pushed suppliers and change  partners to be better driving user expectations and pulling in non-outdoor users to expand the outdoor market beyond its natural market. 

Like to learn more about what the company does today then click this link: Berghaus


A management consultancy business, which provides business planning, strategic planning, management consultancy, project management, non executive director, interim director and accountancy services. 

Cowden Services

Cowden has worked with hundreds of companies delivering growth and development, in many areas including, click links to learn more:-

  • Marketing - create and connect with your customers, from strategic marketing though to an outsourced marketing department. 

  • Sales - how to turn prospects into valuable and valued customers, from sales development through to commercial development. 

  • Research and feasability - want to enter a mew market or learn more about potential customers? Then contact us today to learn more.  

Looking to learn how to take the guess work out of your business success? Then see our video development programme, click here: www.cowdenconsulting.co.uk 

See other pages for our more about Cowden Consulting or see www.cowdenconsulting.com or contact us by clicking contact Cowden here or connect through our other social media below:-

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