Richard Gourlay's Mentoring Programme

Richard Gourlay's Mentoring Programme

Success in anything in life comes from having a vision of where you are going and why, and the support you need to get you there.   

To achieve that successful leaders must be focused and clear on where they are today, where you are going with your business and having a course of action to achieve that goal. 

Knowing where you are going, having a goal, puts you in control of your destiny and ultimately ensures you are successful.  

To make success happen, having your route map to make that change happen is the vital connection which makes the changes that need to happen to achieve the outcomes which delivers the success. 

People can see that they are not where they want to be, but its those who can understand the need for change, the pace of change and can see the necessary outcomes which those changes make, are the ones that will ultimately succeed.

How to take control is one of the biggest issues leaders face. Where to start and even how to start making changes to your business, making it become more successful is never easy. Moreover, the order you do all those elements, makes a real bottom-line difference to your business success.

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Richard Gourlay Background 

Over the last 20 years I've worked with hundreds of business owners, from micro-businesses through to PLC's and I've identified that there are some key factors that very successful owners do which ensure their success. While other business owners struggle to keep their heads above water. What I've learnt is that these simple and logical steps that successful people undertake, which make that 'something different' in what they do, delivers real results in taking the guess work out of their business success. 

I've spent years working with leaders of businesses across many sectors, including retail, manufacturing, SaaS businesses through to professional services, amongst many others, helping senior people develop their skills to lead their businesses more successfully.  

Mentoring by Richard Gourlay 

My mentoring programmes support leaders to step out of their day job to discuss and review where they are going and how they have got to where they are today.  By providing a neutral, objective and experienced mentor, leader's can freely discuss key concerns, personal issues and business challenges they are facing.   
Mentoring is about providing support and guidance to enable senior people to develop where they are going and how best to proceed. No two programmes are the same, as every leader is different, with their own personal challenges and priorities. So we define your precise needs as the starting point of our mentoring support programmes.  

My aim is to work with leaders on their business skills, but that is only part of what someone needs to be successful. The Japanese model called Ikigai , which means balance and for leaders as for everyone else, your business skills are only part of someone's whole person.

Mentoring business leaders covers a wide-range of skills by Richard Gourlay

My bespoke programmes enable business owners to work ON their business and their leadership skills effectively rather than just spending more time IN there business.  Every programme is designed around clients precise needs, timetable and rate of development.  Below are some of the key things to consider in taking the guess work out of your business success:-  

1. Know what to Work ON

Knowing what you need to focus on makes a huge difference in where to invest your energy and resources.  I'm a huge fan of the leadership culture of working ON it not IN it. If you are not working on your business then how is it going to improve, how is it going to be ready and able to face tomorrow's challenges? But you need to know what is important to work on within your business, and why!  

2. Why you are working ON your business

Change is the only certainty in business. Today that has never been truer, the pace of change in every market has, and is, changing at an ever faster rate. The rise of the web, for example, has created rapid online trading and shopping which has rapidly accelerated change.  

How should you respond to change, fast and effectively enough to take advantage of the opportunities they provide, but safely enough to not loose control of your business. We assess risk appetite and how to develop risk profiling to suit your personality and business sector.  

Developing your skills using a mentor will stretch and develop your ability to work on your business and present back where your business is sign and why.

3. Where to Grow

Every business owner wants to grow turnover, profitability or customer base, but how is the important question.  

Where is tomorrow's growth coming from and how can you access it effectively and efficiently? This step-by-step programme will show you where growth is going to come from and how you can effectively access it. 

Developing people is about moving them from where they are safe, comfortable and experienced into areas where they are not so comfortable, but need to be to be more successful, to grow. 
mentoring by Richard Gourlay GROW models for leaders to improve their leadership skills

4. How to Make Change Happen

Doing what we've always done is the natural default behaviour that people fall back into despite best intentions.  Change is always easy to talk about, but harder to actually deliver. Change is always necessary to achieve success. My bespoke mentoring programme enables leaders to create the right changes for their business at the right time. Supporting leaders to  deliver the right results for success. 

By delivering my mentoring step-by-step allows leaders to see the impact of each step as they grow and develop their competence as well as their confidence in the decisions they are making. By supporting leaders through mentoring over time typically monthly progress we can jointly seethe impact of step changes as they rollout across your business. 

This model is the classical Plan, DO, Check, Review. It is not about sudden change, but about planned change, seeing the impact and then seeing the outcomes achieving the goals you want to achieve. In making small changes and reviewing their impact upon people, process and performance of the business, leaders can understand their leadership style in making change work and succeed.       

5. Reduce the Risks

Taking your business from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow is essential to keep your business competitive and successful, but change involves taking risk. My bespoke mentoring programme reduces business risk by evaluating and balancing the risk factors effectively. Each step is focused around making sensible proactive decisions which have been tried and tested.      

6. Mentoring Works for Leaders

Taking the risk out of your business success is all about taking small, simple but highly effective steps which move your business where you want it to go. I have designed the mentoring programme to fit every type of business by size and sector and at every stage of its development. 

Mentoring is about support and advice. Mentoring provides a neutral, experienced and challenging advisor who supports leaders development.

My bespoke mentoring programme is designed with planned interventions, form biweekly to monthly sessions, with action planning built around developing the leaders whole skillsets. 

Like to know more then get in touch to discuss your needs click here: Contact Richard Gourlay 

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