Strategic Planning for Business Success

Strategic Planning for Business Success

Cowden provides strategic planning workshops for owners and directors of businesses enabling them to step back and plan the strategic direction for their business.

#Strategy the #plan of action designed to achieve a business goal
Strategic planning can often be described as working ON your business not IN your business. Moving attention away from the here and now and looking at the future of the business with a strategic head on, as to its long term future. 

Here are the first key strategic questions to ask:-

  1. What do we do well and why?
  2. What will our market place look like in three to five years' time?
  3. What's driving that change and where will those driving factors take the market?
  4. What opportunities do those changes provide to us in what we do well?
  5. How do we position the organisation to maximise our competitive advantage in that emerging market.     

Strategy Planning Workshop

Strategy is the rational behind every business. It is the reflection of the vision that leaders must demonstrate to create, pull together and succeed in any business. Strategic positioning, from Wilkinsons value retailers who are positioned as "the leading home of family value" through Rolls Royce unique positioning as high value business both reflect carefully developed business strategies which allow them to retain sustainable positions in their market.

Benefits of having a clear vision

Having a defined strategy also provides companies with a clear vision of the future, which is why companies such as Sheffield Forgemasters has emerged in a declining market as so successful. After a buyout in 2003 led by Graham Honeyman CBE, he has successfully grown from £38 million in 2003 to £117 million in 2010, by focusing on high value export markets

"Look around at a successful company in any sector and you will see their is a clear definable strategy that ensures it succeeds." 

This can be through careful evolution of companies such as Sustainability which demonstrates it vision in everything it does and its values also reflects the way it operates as a business advocating sustainability to business globally. 

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Pulling people together

Having vision is vital and for pulling all stakeholders together. For that to happen leaders must lead in a unified direction, pulling people together with a shared vision of where they are going and how they are going to get there.        

In a busy world, leaders are being challenged on every front and finding time with the skills to focus on the future is not always easy. Yet the primary role of any leader is to provide leadership, to answer the question: Where are we going? 

People want certainty rather than reward, the biggest worry is not the challenge but he unknown,creating and communicating that certainty is a core role of all leaders. Steve Jobs delivered a clear vision, absolute conviction of his direction that not only created a company but created that company twice over successfully, because he has a clear vision of where they are going.

Values and Culture in Business

In today's business developing the right culture within any organisation is vocal for success and sustainability. Any successful strategy focuses on developing core shared values and a positive can-do culture. Culture and values are equal partners in developing a successful organisation. 

For a strategy to succeed people have to believe in it and in the organisation they are working for. No strategy can succeed without the right culture to support it, nor can a positive culture survive without a clear strategy to deliver the direction which makes the ethos sustainable. 

Focus on the future

Having a plan is vital to determine success, from resourcing the future in finance, operations and infrastructure through to pulling people together to be part of the company to convincing stakeholders and shareholders that the direction you are setting is the right one, having a vision with a plan is the firs step in any leaders success.    

What we do is help make that a reality, we develop a clear strategic direction for a company enabling them to be successful in what they are doing and where they are going.

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Strategy: The Leader's Role, By Richard Gourlay

If you you like to learn how to build your business strategy, using a simple and effective step-by-step process, then why not buy the book on how t0 develop your business strategy with simple steps which build into a complete strategic plan for any leader to deliver.

Strategy: The Leader's Role by Richard Gourlay contains all the key templates and models a business owner needs to create the strategic business plan for their success. Each chapter takes the leader through the key steps, in thinking, research and development of that planning element. The book builds into a complete plan delivering a clear strategic plan with an implementation plan to bring that strategic business plan to action to deliver it.

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Strategy: The Leader's Role by Richard Gourlay book on how to build your strategy for your business success

Strategy: The Leader's Role by Richard Gourlay

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