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The Football Association was founded in 1863 as the governing body of the game in England. The FA is responsible for all regulatory aspects of the game of football in England and works in every county to promote and support the national game.

The Football Association engages with 12 million people through some forty five thousand clubs using forty-five thousand pitches at twenty-one thousand facilities spread through England.


Develop the County Football Association (CFA, East Midlands) to develop a programme of learning and skills for the various management teams to enable them to:-

1.       To turn the County FA’s (East Midlands) to become more customer focused and business focused.
2.       Plan transform the County FA (East Midlands) so that each county can plan more effectively and engage with target audiences in new innovative ways.
3.       To create a skilled management team able to improve income generation (numbers are confidential and so cannot be presented).
4.       To create new processes and procedures throughout their business planning cycle which will embed improvements in reaching, retaining and developing targeted customer groups.  
5.       To develop new routes to market suitable for the needs of the CFA’s generating additional revenue streams outside existing channels.

Richard Gourlay developed and delivered a bespoke programme to achieve these direct outcomes and develop individual needs of the 15 member CFA East Midlands management team as well as outcomes for each county.

Richard Gourlay's role was to engage with the management team, developing new skills and integrate those with existing and new processes to create a sustainable CFA structure throughout the region, which was more robust and customer focused. Identifying commercial opportunities for growth and supporting change throughout this programme.  

Cowden Outcomes

Each County has developed its own bespoke strategic and business planning process working towards business goals and objectives with properly resourced business plans which are currently being implemented this year.

A selection of testimonials from delegates:

“Motivational and thought provoking training that has inspired the business to look forwards without focusing on the hurdles that we face.”

“Scarily enlightening.”

“A great programme that has really opened our eyes to the changes we need to make as a county FA in order to give our customers the best possible experience.”

“Thought provoking, eye opening, refreshing insights – now I have got to implement these ideas to benefit and serve our customers effectively and efficiently.”

“Inspiring and enlightening.”

“Very motivational, I feel inspired to start new projects.”

“This programme has been excellent in building our capabilities and competencies in business planning and I have no hesitation in recommending Richard Gourlay, he has been inspirational to our management team.” John Folwell CFA regional manger. 

"My sales have increased by over 300% since attending the Sales course 4 months ago.' Sales Manager".

"The session was so engaging and energetic.  I feel I now have the skills and the confidence to increase sales.  I think anyone in sales should attend this course". Business Development Manager.

"I couldn't believe how much the programme taught me and how much my approach to sales has changed as a result.  I am now 40% over target since attending the programme".  Senior Sales Manager  

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