Strategic Planning Workshop

Strategic Planning Workshop

Strategy is about developing your plan to succeed

Cowden Consulting enables owners and directors to work ON their business, not IN their business. Providing them with the space, tools and expertise to stand back and own the direction they want to take with their business. We work with leaders and owners of businesses to develop their business plans and their implementation process to deliver change and improvements in their business supporting them in achieving their personal and business goals. 

Successful people plan their success and Cowden Consulting works with entrepreneurial business owners to maximise that success. Our expertise, background knowledge and tailored strategic processes turn dreams into reality, with a clear vision, a passionate focus on goals and everyone owning the plan for success. To learn more about the benefits of strategic planning click here.

Strategic Planning Workshop

1. Strategic Planning Workshop  SPW

Step back and work on your business strategy in this facilitated day with expert assistance in developing your future, with a clear plan of action to get there. This proven package includes:-

  1. Professional assessment of current position
  2. Facilitated day with key stakeholders to develop a focused and shared vision for the future with an achievable forward plan to make change happen.
  3. Your specifically tailored strategic business plan on key strategies and options to find and enter high growth market sectors.

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2. New Entrepreneur Strategic Planning Workshop SPW 

Specifically designed for new start-up's to work on your business strategy in this facilitated day with expert assistance in developing your new business venture. This package includes:-

  1. Professional assessment of current position and strategic options available
  2. Facilitated day with key stakeholders to develop a clear shared and achievable forward plan.
  3. Your entrepreneurial plan for success with key strategies and simple steps to achieve those.

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3. High Growth Strategic Plan Workshop

Designed for high growth companies, our high growth strategic planning is tailored to enable companies in high growth sectors to rapidly exploit opportunities to maximise their potential. This tailored package supports and drives high growth, developing the the complete package of support which entrepreneurs need to succeed, and typically includes:-
  1. Strategic review of market opportunities and performance 
  2. Internal assessment of the current company's position and strategic options available to orientate it towards key opportunities.
  3. A specific SMART high growth plan to accelerate the company forward.  Facilitated strategic alignment programme developing a clear shared and achievable forward plan throughout the company.
  4. Change management programme enabling rapid orientation to new markets
  5. A high growth director mentoring support programme to support and drive success.  

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4. Strategic Marketing Planning Programme 

Our strategically focused marketing orientates the business and all its activities towards its intended customers. Adding value in every process is all about understanding target customer groups and expectations, anticipating their needs and meeting and exceeding them.  Learn more about Cowden Consulting marketing by clicking this link: Cowden Marketing.

Our strategic marketing planning programme develops a sustainable competitive advantage for clients within their chosen markets, using the latest marketing techniques integrated into one seamless professional service by a CIM qualified marketeer.  Our strategic marketing planning programme includes:-

  1. Marketing review - undertaking a review of all your existing marketing and its effectiveness
  2. Marketing planning - planning successful implementation of value-added integrated marketing within the business
  3. Marketing orientation - implementing the appropriate marketing processes for target customers
  4. Social Media Marketing - How to use social media as an integral part of your marketing strategy, form online business to digital connectivity within your marketing.

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5. Exit Strategy Development Programme

It is never too early to plan your exit from your business. Few people successful exit from their company because they do not sit down early enough to plan out their long-term strategy, ensure their business runs without them, implements a successful succession planning programme or develops the step-back, step-out, step-away approach to developing their future. 

"Its not the pace of life that frightens me, it is the full stop at the end"
Our exit strategy development programme, works with business owners to look at developing and implementing their move on and away from the business with a workable plan that maximises the value they achieve by ensuring a seamless process is in place which takes the business forward successfully.   

Developing a successful exit strategy is about developing a personal route plan for owners to work towards with the right level of support to enable them to successfully implement their exit successfully. Our tailored exit strategy development programme does this successfully for owners through a clear step by step programme built around:-

  1. Personal goal setting - Review and objective setting with owners
  2. Exit development - what needs to happen and how to achieve all stakeholder goals
  3. Step Development programme - how to step back successfully, with timescales and milestones.
  4. Succession - Planning and implementing succession that succeeds to all stakeholders.
  5. Mentoring programme - To support all stakeholders in achieving their goals.

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